Emergency Response Services

Fire Suppression

Brighton Firefighters respond to approximately 2400 calls for assistance each year within our community, and to assist neighboring departments when their resources are stretched thin due to large fires in their districts.  Many of BFD’s firecalls are successfully mitigated due to early notification, our quick response, and advanced training.  A sampling of the 2400 firecalls we respond to annually include:

First Response Medical

Brighton’s 24×7 staffing model, and quick response times, enable us to provide rapid first-response medical assistance throughout our district, many times in advance of an ambulance’s arrival – when critical seconds can be the difference between life and death. BFD responds to approximately 1200 EMS calls annually. BFD’s full-time firefighters, and many volunteer firefighters, are trained to EMT-level of care or higher, and all personnel offered training in CPR and AED.  Our close working relationships with local ambulance agencies contributes to excellent care when several medical needs arise.

Rescue Services

The Brighton Fire District encompasses many miles of highway, several retention ponds, and a portion of the Erie Canal. Firefighters are trained and equipped to respond with advanced rescue skills and tools to help in situations like these:

Safety Planning, Assessments, & Education

BFD believes in the maxim that “An ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of Cure”.  Through this maxim, we aim to proactively plan for unique hazards and risks within our district, and to educate the public about how to prevent accidents, fires, and emergencies in the first place. BFD appreciates the opportunity to help you plan in advance for the unexpected in your home, business, or other environment. Rick Tracy serves as our Safety Education Coordinator, and would be glad to coordinate our resources to benefit you.   Scroll below to learn about topics BFD can discuss with you, your family, neighbors, or co-workers, or simply Contact Us.