Organizational Overview

The Brighton Fire District is the special-purpose local government and taxing entity ultimately responsible for fire protection within its borders. The District includes most of the Town of Brighton and a portion of the Town of Pittsford. The District is governed by five Fire Commissioners that are elected by the residents of the District for a five-year term.

Dating to our inception in 1925; the District is one of the few in the area that maintains a combination staffing model, composed of volunteer and career firefighters. Officers responsible for leadership of firefighters come from both the career and volunteer ranks.

The Fire District is responsible for the facilities, equipment, apparatus, career firefighters, and administrative staff for the district.

The Brighton Fire Department, Inc [BFD Inc.] is a 501c(3) that provides the volunteer firefighters who respond alongside the career firefighters. BFD Inc. is responsible for recruiting, equipping, training and retaining its members. They do this successfully through innovative programs, response models and a guiding principle of “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”.

The District also sponsors the Brighton Fire Explorers, a division of the Boy Scouts of America. The Explorers are youth responders, ages 14-18, with an interest in fire fighting or other first-responder careers.

Fire District/Commissioners

Richard Garrett


Donald Jeffries


Harmon Potter


Aaron Schaeffer


Michael Wright


Ted Aroesty

Director / Treasurer

Larry Howk

Deputy Treasurer

David Metzger

Deputy Treasurer

Michele Fitch

Business Manager

Public Documents

Brighton Fire Department Board of Fire Commissioners believes that a transparent and accountable government requires that the business of the District be open to effective public review. As such, documentation of governance and financial operations of the district are readily available.

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