Brighton has a number of specialized apparatus to serve the needs of the community.

Engine: Brighton has three Engines. The Engine’s primary purpose is to combat structural and associated fires; with an onboard water supply, pump and firefighting equipment. In addition, Brighton’s Engines are equipped with emergency medical supplies and some ice water rescue equipment.

Quint: Brighton has one Quint. Short for Quintuple, a Quint refers to the five functions that it provides – pump, water tank, fire hose, aerial device, and ground ladders. The versatile Quint combines the benefits of a ladder truck and an engine. The ladder is used to provide elevated access to structures for rescue and for ventilation options during a structure fire. Additionally, BFD sends the Quint to expressway incidents, to serve as a shield between oncoming traffic, and the emergency workers and citizens at the incident. Brighton’s Quint carries extrication tools, emergency medical supplies, ice water rescue equipment, and chimney fire tools.

Rescue: Brighton has one Rescue. The Rescue is a rolling tool box, and is dispatched to all structure fires, motor vehicle accidents with reports of people trapped, and roll-overs. BFD’s Rescue is equipped with a full compliment of extrication tools, stabilization equipment, winches, airbags and jacks. The Rescue carries additional air bottles, fans, and tools used by firefighters at structure fires.

Squad: Brighton has one Squad vehicle. The Squad carries the tools and equipment for five firefighters, and is charged with briging additional manpower to the scene of structure fires and other labor-intensive calls. The Squad also carries vacuums, submersible pumps and tarps to aid firefighters with salvage and property preservation efforts.