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Knox Box Access to your property will allow quicker and easier Fire Department access to your property in the event of an emergency saving you thousands of dollars in property damage.

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Line Officers

The Line Officers oversee all fire-ground tactical operations and are in command of all emergency responses.
The Line Officers consist of both volunteer and career personnel.

The career officers consist of Lieutenants and Captains and are promoted by the Fire District.

The volunteer officers are voted in by the general membership on an annual basis and consist of Lieutenants, Captains, Assistant Chiefs and Chief.

The 2016 Line Officers are:

redhelmetStephen MacAdam – Chief
Scott Wihlen -Deputy Chief
Rick Zicari – Assistant Chief

Ned Benson – Captain – Career
Scott Fitch – Captain  – Career
Jeff Hahn – Captain – Career
Brian Peartree – Captain
Rick Tracy – Captain

Dave Osborne – Lieutenant – Career
Bill Palma – Lieutenant – Career
Mike Sands – Lieutenant
Scott Farnsworth – Lieutenant
Ken Matzan – Lieutenant
Spence Kennedy- Fire Police Captain
Tom Geen, Sr. -Fire Police Lieutenant

Fred McCarthy – Sr. Safety Officer